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It's the future of customer communication. You can now have access to all information with regards to products and services supplied to you by iDS. Just think, you can see how well we are performing for you as a supplier without even asking. All you have to do is login with your username and password and everything down below is open for you to see.

When you place a service call or order toner online it is just like one of our dispatchers input the call or placed the order. Request your username and password today and start holding your supplier to another level of accountability. iDS and e-info, taking service to the next level.

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e-info™ is an enhanced snap-on module for the e-automate™ business management system. With it, dealers can set up and manage their own e-commerce web portal to share information with their customers. Because e-info is fully integrated with e-automate, all information shared via e-info automatically updates in e-automate.

Listed below is a summary of the powerful tool known as e-info.

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